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Why Handmade?

At Olive and Ivy we pride ourselves on handcrafting all our bees and vegan wax wraps amongst many other products. As well as supporting other local makers in creating quality zero waste plastic free alternatives for you. By utilising local makers we are ensuring that our carbon footprint is reduced as much as possible making your choice to purchase a sustainable one.

Good Brands We Trust


We also team up with other UK & International Eco- Friendly brands to offer you a wide, diverse choice of products, tried and tested by ourselves! Allowing you to purchase various plastic free alternatives so you and your family are able to live a greener more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


"I would definitely recommend Olive & Ivy plastic free living. Taking action with studding products, for a cleaner environment"



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We don't wish to stigmatise plastic, it has it's place. However, single-use plastic is what we at Olive and Ivy find inexcusable. See our views here.

By acting responsibly and taking a stand by using reusable bags and boxes in supermarkets, along with your Olive & Ivy Bees/ Vegan wax food wraps made in to pouches and other eco friendly living choices you can dramatically limit the amount of plastic you need to bring and have in your home.

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