A clean start

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Meet rebecca (B)

During 2017 in the wake of Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet 2’ I, like many others began looking at the amount of waste myself and my family produced and what I could do to reduce it. I began researching ways I could make things from scratch from home for my family such as my now famous wax wraps. Word soon got around to friends and other family members and before long around Christmas 2018 I began making food wax wraps for the wider public. Fast forward into 2019 and in Just 6 moths I have set up a business comprised of the eco - friendly products I and other local makers handcraft, as well as zero waste items I stock from other UK based and Global manufacturers.


​I feel that Olive and Ivy's core values based around the 7 ‘R’s’ of zero waste (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rehome, replant & rot) are reflected well in its Brand and products. Where creativity and a keen eye for design is married with practicality and a fundamental concern for the future of humanity and our planets wellbeing. Inspiration for my products comes from the beautiful natural habitat of East Devon where I reside and reflecting on my family’s agricultural rural background in Cornwall. Where a ‘make – do and mend’ attitude has been passed on and adopted through generations.

I believe in making change. These changes don’t necessarily need to be huge but they do need to be sustainable. Sustainable for you to maintain and sustainable for our planet. I’m also about affordability - there is so much poverty in this world, it’s happening right here under our own noses.


So I pledge to keep all my products at a fair affordable rate so everyone has a fair chance to help them selves to enrich their lives, learn to live greener and enrich their wider environment. ​I have poured so much passion into creating Olive and Ivy, I hope that you love the products just as much as my family and I, and I wish you all well on your Zero waste journey!


Love, B oxoxo