olive & ivy on plastic

our environment & PLASTic

We don't wish to stigmatise plastic, it has it's place. However, single-use plastic is what we at Olive and Ivy craft studios find inexcusable.

It’s fair to say that plastic is a durable robust material, right?
Unfortunately plastic it's so robust that most of it isn't biodegradable, meaning that it doesn't return to the earth quickly. Instead it takes hundreds of years to break down and in the meantime causing an untold amount of damage to our health, many animals health and our ecosystem.

Some plastics are recyclable, however, a vast majority of plastics cannot be recycled, and what can be cannot be recycled indefinitely unlike alternatives such as glass, metal or paper/ card.

By acting responsibly and taking a stand by using reusable bags and boxes in supermarkets, along with your Olive & Ivy Bees/ Vegan wax food wraps made in to pouches and making eco friendly living choices with our other products you can dramatically limit the amount of plastic you need to bring and have in your home.

By mindfully shopping this way you are sending clear message to big companies like supermarkets and manufacturers that we no longer want single use plastic where it is not necessary.

The problem is big but we believe that the solutions and alternatives we’ve sourced will all add up together to make a big difference in your life, your children’s life and the future of our planet