What’s so different about my wraps?
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Here are a few of the things I’ve considered while making this a premium quality, neatly eco packaged product:
Each bundle (excluding the XL loaf wrap) comprises of 5 wraps, where most companies sell 3 - you are getting much more bang for your buck!
SIZE REALLY IS EVERYTHING when it comes to your wax wraps at least!

All my sizing is rather generous for example the large wraps found in the large bundle and mixed starter bundle are 30x30cm square enough to wrap a standard sandwich flat as depicted! Sensible sizing for practicality when your a mum is key!
* sizes may vary slightly/ a few mm due to the hand measured and cut process*
Sticky but in a good what makes these wraps cling?
Many handmade wraps out on the market just tend to use beeswax / vegan waxes alone and of course while that works they just don’t last as long or have the same sticking ability as wraps made with a plant based resin as part of its ingredients.
Wax wraps cling by using the warmth of your hands to mould the wax covered cloth around the item that you wish to wrap while the resin helps the fabric to adhere - creating a good seel.
The devils in the detail!

Whilst you may think that the zig zagged edges of these wraps were just a pretty design feature there is actually a very good reason for them! By pre cutting the cotton with pinking shears before the waxing process you are preventing frayed edges in two ways!
1. By using the shears in the first place as opposed to straight edged fabric scissors.
2. By using a double waxing process ensuring all the are saturated in a Coating of wax that prevents the fabric from damage.
This of course ensures longevity of the product if cared for correctly (care instructions found internally on all packaging).
But are they safe?
Did you know all the ingredients used are naturally anti microbial / bacterial?! That’s right the plant based resin, beeswax/ vegan alternative wax and jojoba oil all have this natural property. Allowing your produce to breath and keeping your food fresher for longer. I also use 100% organic and food grade ingredients enduring the highest standard. *please message if you would like one of the ingredients omitted due to alergies for your order*
Cool prints - how do you source them?
Each print is hand selected by myself from trusted fabric wholesalers to create complementary colour palates and bundle ensuring for a professional and polished feel
But what the eco - impact?
I ensure I use organic cotton where possible, responsibly sourced wax and organic jojoba oil and resins. They are fully compostable at the end of their life or handy to use as a fire lighter for fires/ log burners and BBQs. I feel that transparency and honest is key when we are trying to reduce the horrific impact we have had over the years and undo all the pollution. Wax wraps are a fantastic alternative to single use plastic wrap (clingfilm) in the kitchen and can eve be used to keep toiletries hygienic and separated in your wash bags.
Pictures featured are all from previous happy customers sending in their wraps in action!
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Love, B